efil empowers recruiters to increase their social recruiting network, send and receive requirements and resumes, qualify and match candidates and jobs to make placements, now.

  • No more junk. No more clutter.

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About Us

efil was started listening to the needs of recruiters. We heard over and over that recruiters were receiving so much junk mail that it was becoming impossible to find the emails they did want to work with. They told us that they could not match specific hotlists and joblists with their existing jobs and candidates. They told us that they needed a tool that could clear away the clutter and allow them to make placements quickly and effectively. They also wanted to be able to use bulk mail and know that it got through to the right people.

We began with the simple concept of the life of an IT match. We needed to remove the junk and clear the way for recruiters to make the match. From there, the name efil was born (life spelled backwards). Tools like Outlook can’t truly block spam and we are confident that you have seen that day in and day out. efil blocks spam at the domain name level truly eliminating unwanted senders. efil allows recruiters to set up whitelists for guaranteed receiving of email.

They can set up preferred folders and auto matching and auto ranking to allow them to respond effectively making the placement quickly. Find and match the best resumes and requirements.

  • efil provides recruiters with options to:
    • Eliminate junk email and see the forest through the trees
    • Auto-match hotlists with your open requirements
    • Auto-match requirements lists with your hot candidates
    • Submit candidates to opportunities with a single click
    • Broadcast Tunneled Mails (emails within the efil networks) guaranteed to be received by peers

efil Pricing

Pricing Plan Details





SAVE 20%
(Billed Monthly)



SAVE 20%
(Billed Monthly)
    $ 29/u/m
  • Monthly
    $ 29/u/m
    $ 39/u/m
  • Monthly
    $ 39/u/m
Per mail price thereafter
(for additional bulk mails over original limit)
n/a $.00040
per Additional Email
per Additional Email
Outlook bridge to sync emails
Email and Desktop Alert
Create filters
No. of Active filters allowed 2 5 10
Auto folder creation based on
Blacklist Domains
Whitelist Senders
Manage bulk mail contact database
Send Bulk mails (requirements,
hotlists and bulk mails)
Free bulk mail credits (monthly) 5,000 50,000 100,000
Import Requirements from Excel
Import Hotlists from Excel
Auto Match Hotlists to Requirements 10 Seats
Auto Match Requirements to Hotlist 10 Seats
Auto Ranking of Hotlists to
Access to ATS- Zoniac
Comphresenive Accounts and
Contacts Database Module
and Requirements Database
Post Requirements to/from ATS
Receive Resumes via Career Portal
Multi User Corporate usage
Bulk Mail distribution across users
Outlook Integrated Resume and
Requirement Parsing
Management Reports
Admin Management of User logins
One Free Dedicated Online Training
Weekly Training - Webinars
Chat Support
Email Support

Recruiter Problems

Recruiters, you live in a fast-paced world. When 'Speed' is the name of the game, you can't have email blasts, spam police, and crowded job-boards cramping your style. But we get it. Don't sweat it. efil has your back.

  • Networking

    Recruiters in the same place, but they can't talk to each other. What's with all the hurdles? That's not the kind of networking we're into. Leave the crowds behind. Make the jump. efil brings professionals together.
  • Email Quantity

    Lawyers don't visit thousands of clients every day. Doctors don't see a thousand patients. So, why are you sifting through thousands of emails every day? Skip the crowd. Find the people you want. efil cuts the clutter.
  • Email Quality/Spam

    A Nigerian prince needs your bank account number. There's thousands of dollars coming your way. Really. Really? You don't put up with it on your own time. Why put up with at work? efil blocks the spam.
  • Turning it around fast

    Ever see an Olympian flying down the track for gold? Ever notice how their legs are just a blur? We've seen recruiters send emails. Fingers are just a blur. Let us help you match joblists and hotlist at finger-blur speed. efil cuts down your cycle time.

It's madness out there. We know. You just want to find the right match for the right requirement. And you want to do it right away. efil has your back. Cut the clutter, block the spam, and shorten your cycle time.


Remove Clutter, Increase email visibility
Filter emails based on subject and email content
Eliminate email clutter
Responsive filters can be changed daily
Filters that are modified to your needs
Customize email filters
Pay attention to matters. Cut out what doesn't
Manage your email preferences the easy way
One-click blacklisting
Never get another email you don't want
Whitelists guarantee email delivery
Always see the emails you do want
Reversible listing settings
Reserve the right to change your mind
Making the Match
Create joblists and hotlists with standardized categories
Increase match quality
Select for job title, location, experience, and number of openings
No more wasted time hunting down candidates
Add-on additional categories
Streamline requirement sending processes
Auto Match Candidates and Open Requirements
efil helps you make placements faster
Send what you want to send, See what you want to see - Tunnelled email
Internally routed emails skip external servers
Eliminate spam
Reduce email volume
Never experience another email delay or shutdown
Manage email contacts within efil networks
Always know who your emailing, and who is emailing you
See the forest through the trees. See yourself on efil
Avoid spam
Cut down cycle time
Eliminate inbox clutter
Stay within arms reach of your trusted network
Have fewer, higher quality interactions every day
See the Forest through the Trees

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Life of an IT Match


News & Events

Zoniac efil

Zoniac Launches efil
Empowering IT Recruiters to Qualify and Match, Candidates and Jobs

CUPERTINO, CA - July 28, 2014 - Zoniac, a leading applicant tracking system provider, announced today the launch of its newest product efil. efil is a recruiting tool that integrates with Microsoft Outlook to screen out non-recruiting related email allowing recruiters to see the forest through the trees.

The difficulty IT recruiters face with being able to identify and respond to hot opportunities and candidates in a timely way interferes with making quick placements. efil is the immediate solution to make visible what was previously unseen and make possible, placements that would have been missed.

efil provides functionality to screen out unwanted email and give IT recruiters a clear forum for their recruiting related activities. The tools functionality includes the whitelisting of the senders that recruiters have established proactive and positive relationships with as well as blacklisting of the senders that they deem to be less valuable or non-valuable. Additionally, the tool offers bulk emailing capabilities through a tunnelled email approach that guarantees receipt of email by parties both participating within efil as well as those through traditional email. The tool launches with a social recruiting component allowing recruiters to link together and forge preferred recruiting relationships. Through efil, candidates are able to be seamlessly matched with job opportunities bringing clarity to a workflow that is highly cluttered allowing for immediate placements.

"This tool was built from listening to the needs of the IT recruiters we work with," said Zoniac | efil CEO, Vittal Srimushnam. "Technology recruiters are experiencing an overwhelming amount of junk email daily and they are not able to see the recruiting related email that allows them to make placements quickly. efil eliminates this junk email and offers much more."

The guaranteed delivery of quality communication is paramount to the success of recruiting and is provided through efil. The tool provides high value across all applicant tracking systems. Additional enhancements and integrations are in the horizon.

About Zoniac
Zoniac is a leading applicant tracking system provider. Zoniac develops and markets a family of integrated, web-based "operations systems" to IT Consulting organizations and Staffing companies. The systems are delivered in Software as a Service (SaaS) mode. The Zoniac systems encompass all direct operating activities of client companies including procuring and staffing of projects and recruiting, marketing, deploying and managing of consultants on a temporary (Staff augmentation) basis. The systems have been designed to satisfy the needs of Candidates, Consultants, Account Managers, Recruiters, Resource Managers, Accounting and HR departments as well as the Management team. For more information on Zoniac, please visit  www.zoniac.com

About efil
efil empowers recruiters to increase their social recruiting network, send and receive requirements and resumes, qualify and match candidates and jobs to make placements, now. efil removes the clutter associated with daily recruiting email and communication. For more information about efil, please visit  www.efilit.com

Media Contact:
Vasuki Moka Murthy

Address: 21370 Rainbow Drive, Cupertino , CA 95014 Terms and Conditions
Patents Pending/Beta